CCA Activity

Material Used - Tiles , Fabric colours , Brush .

Theme - Images on the tiles . 

Instruction -  1-Draw figure with pencil on the tiles .

2- Then colour it .

 3- They can make any design on the tiles . 

4 - Colouring with fabric colours only . 

6 - drawing will be related to the birds ,  flowers and nature only .

" Tiles are used because it is waste material and can be easily get from anywhere without purchasing .  It can easily get from the construction  of home material . 


Experiment  - Acid and Base . 

Teachers - Miss Harshita Gupta and Miss  Anchal Alok.

 Students were given Litmus paper , some water was put in a jar , than the students of class 6th  dipped Litmus paper in rasna water but it doesn"t change the colour , which means the water is basic.After that  the students of class 7th  experiment on the acid and base , then they dipped the Litmus paper , but the colour does not change , which means the nature of the paper is neutral . After that they dipped the blue litmus paper in water but, the colour was changed into blue to red litmus paper , which means that water is acidic . After that Anchal mam disscused about the experiment than Harshita mam and we asked questions to the students of classes 5th , 6th , 7th , they answered very nicely . Few seconds later Harshita mam took matchstick revised about the topic and than the Harshita mam took the candle and covered the candle with cap , then we observed that the candle blew off, this experiment result that there is no presence of oxygen.