Pre-Primary Wing

Primary School

Pre- primary

Our pre-school provides an educational establishment offering early childhood education to children between the age of 3-5 yrs. At the pre primary level teachers lay a lot of emphasis on the play way method.



Our primary school provides an education to the students between the age group of 6-12 yrs. At this level the teachers' emphasis on the formation and base for their bright future. 

Activities in Pre-Primary and Primary Classes : 

  1. Poem recitation.
  2. Art and craft activities using by waste material. 
  3. Story telling activity.
  4. Summer celebration (Pool party, seasonal fruit party, dance party) .
  5. Grand parents day.
  6. Indoor and outdoor games.
  7. Children’s day celebration.
  8. Innovative learning by smart classes.
  9. Clay activity.
  • Community lunch.
  • Special focus on special student by showing them live example such as plants, animals, movies , fruits, vegetables shapes, colours, taste etc.
  • Visiting neighbourhood areas like post office, bank hospital , market farms, society interaction.
  • Cultural programme.
  • In order to ake them aware about environment plantation say no to plastic bags, use dustbin.
  • BAL SABHA – We conduct different activities in Bal Sabha like art and  craft activity, drawing and colouring, poem recitation, story telling , acts to show movie.

CLUB ACTIVITY : There are four clubs in our school.

  • Culinary club : - IN this club students learns cooking without fire. They learn to prepare healthy food and drinks in a healthy way.
  • Creative club : To develop their writing skills , we inspire them to write poems essay paragraph stories etc.
  • Science Club : To develop their scientific and thinking skills the school conduct different types of practicals and experiments .
  • Aesthetic Club :- Craft work by waste material , drawing.



        First Term - April to September

      Second Term - October to March

No formal Examination.

There will be monthly assessment which will be based on the syllabus of month (listening speaking, reading and recitation).

Grades will be given accordingly.


                                                  THE COMPLETE SYLLABUS

                                                                 Nursery Syllabus


April - Rhymes, strokes, lines.

May-   Letters, A.E.F.I.L with pictures.

July-    Letters, MNHKIJ Rhymes

August-  B,C,D,G,O,S,P picture Identification

September- Write A to G with pictures. Half Yearly Exam

October- Write H to N with pictures.

November - Write O to U with pictures.

December- Write V to Z with pictures.

January-     Write A to Z letter Identification with Pictures

February -  Fill in themision letter A to Z Match the pictures with alphabet and revision.



April -  Oral Counting 1+5, (Written) 1 on dots

May -  (Written) number 1,4,7, on dots (oral)

July - (Written) 1,4,7 number and 2 on dots

August- (Written) 3,5 on dots

September-  (Written) 1 to 5 dots, oral counting 1 to 10,

 Identification, Half Yearly Exam

October-  (Written) 1 to 5 without dots.



April -    Colour the different pictures

May -   Introduction of Red colour, My self

July -    Body parts, Fruits name

August -  Introduction of Yellow colour, Water animals, School name

September- Introduction  of Red, Yellow colours and Body Parts, Water animals, Half Yearly Exam

October -  Introduction of Green colour, Pet animal, Wild animals

November - Colours name Red, Yellow, Green pet animals, Vegetables name, Country name, School name.

December -  Introduction of Blue colour, Country name, School name, Food of animals (cat, dog, parrot, monkey, rabbit)

January-   Colour Identification, Food of animals, Country name, State name

February - Fruits, Vegetables, Body parts, Country, State, School, Class Teacher name, Myself, Colours, Traffic light, Pet animals, Water animals.


Maths (Final)

November-  Write 1 to 5 without dot write 6 to 7 on dots.

December -  Write 1 to 5 without dot, write 8 to 9 on dots.

January -        Write 6 to 7 without dots 8, 9, 10 on dots.

February - Write 6 to 10 and 1 to 5 without dots.