Admission Procedure of SNM - Best School in Dehradun Fee

Admission Enquiry

Admission at S N Memorial Public School

SNM Public  School is a famous day school in Dehradun city. and it is secular in nature. SNM welcomes children from all walks of life for admission and becomes a part of the Best Day School in Dehradun city. We provide affordable education and known for the best school in Dehradun fee. The school is recognised as a Centre for Academic Excellence and students are prepared for future compitative exam. Parents seeking admission for their wards should obtain an application form for registration with the prospectus. Once the candidate is selected, he/she is required to fulfil all the formalities and pay the necessary fees. The minimum age for Standard I is 5+ years. Birth certificate of the child must be produced as age proof.

The aim of SNM Public School is to look after children who have had every great opportunity. We help them to make the right choices in life and to empower them to be responsible citizens of the nation and the globe.



Registration for admission should be done well in advance ahead of the academics session, which starts in April every year. The admission procedure commences in January/February.



The progress of Students in their studies and all other activities is continuously and compressively evaluated (CCE) through assignments Class Test, Unit Test, Project Work and other co-curricular activities. In addition at the end of each term, there will be an examination. The School has two terms to facilitate the smooth curriculum transitions.

1st Term: April to September
2nd Term: October to March