Management Of SNM - Dehradun Famous School


The School is managed by educationist for whom education is not purely business and believe in value-oriented education. The School's Principal is well qualified and has sound experience in teaching in Kendriya Vidyalayas. The Principal's versatility by way of organizing cultural activities, a celebration of festivals in an innovative way has led to a totally new class, culture and character of the School.

Our Principal believe in the values and environment we provide for our children should be continuous & see them through their formative years. The great efforts and management skills of the principal has taken SNM Public School to the list of Top Day School in Dehradun city.

Our School management aims to pay attention to every child and motivate them to brush up their skills on a regular basis. The SNM public school vision and the way it is getting achieved make us top position in the list of Dehradun Famous School and become the famous day school in Dehradun city.



A corporate-style management plan has been designed to ensure efficient functioning of academics, co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities. For the development of the hidden potential of the growing children, the School is divided into various departments and committees who are supervised by School management and teachers.

  • Latest Educational/teaching aids and play way techniques for the pre-primary and primary children.
  • Teacher Student Ratio 1:20
  • Activities based learning through Computer and Visual Aids.
  • Computer education for all students from class I onwards.
  • Extra Coaching for weak students.
  • Learning through creative clubs.

    Our School Management aims to empower the students to play with their strengths through guided choice and determined programmes. The SNM public school vision and the way it is getting achieved make us achieve top position in the list of Dehradun Famous School .


Co & Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Physical Education under the guidance of a good Physical Instructor.
  • Sports and games are essential for all students. The Children also participate in Inter-school sports, Inter-House Dance & Group Song Competition.
  • Emphasis is given on Art/Drawing, English Calligraphy, Hindi Sulekh, English education, Storytelling, Fancy dress, Dance, etc.



The teachers are well-qualified Graduates/Post Graduates with B.Ed/NTT background. Teachers are young and highly motivated who work as facilitators. 

We have skilful teachers and they are trained regularly to identify each student’s skill sets and teach them in a manner that raises their use of multiple intelligence. Constant efforts of our teachers have made SNM Public School the best senior secondary school in Dehradun city.

SNM is a Day School in Dehradun whose constant support and guidance continued by the team of qualified scholarly, administrative and supporting staff empower students to truly explore their passions and fulfill their potential.

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