Events and Activities

CCA Activity

Material Used - Tiles , Fabric colours , Brush .

Theme - Images on the tiles . 

Instruction -  1-Draw figure with pencil on the tiles .

2- Then colour it .

 3- They can make any design on the tiles . 

4 - Colouring with fabric colours only . 

6 - drawing will be related to the birds ,  flowers and nature only .

" Tiles are used because it is waste material and can be easily get from anywhere without purchasing .  It can easily get from the construction  of home material . 


Experiment  - Acid and Base. 

Teachers - Miss Harshita Gupta and Miss  Anchal Alok.

 Students were given Litmus paper, some water was put in a jar, than the students of class 6th  dipped Litmus paper in rasna water but it doesn't change the color, which means the water is basic. After that the students of class 7th  experiment on the acid and base, then they dipped the Litmus paper, but the color does not change, which means the nature of the paper is neutral. After that they dipped the blue litmus paper in water but, the color was changed into blue to red litmus paper, which means that water is acidic. After that Anchal mam discussed the experiment with Harshita mam and we asked questions to the students of classes 5th, 6th, 7th, they answered very nicely. A few seconds later Harshita mam took a matchstick revised about the topic and than the Harshita mam took the candle and covered the candle with cap, then we observed that the candle blew off, this experiment result that there is no presence of oxygen.



1- Classroom Decoration
2- Division of houses and clubs
3- Bal Sabha for class I & II
4- Earth day celebration
5- Nutrition day
6- Fun Day, fancy dress
7- Mother’s day celebration
8- Lecture for teenagers on health & sanitation
9- Indoor games
10- Special Assembly
11- Environment rally
12- Investiture ceremony (Nomination of the council)
13- Van Mahotsav rally & Rakhi making
14- Janmashtami celebration activities
15- Independence celebration
16- English & Hindi calligraphy
17- Sahodaya inter school Hindi & English Debate competition
18- Inter-House group song competition
19- Teacher’s Day Celebration
20- National De-worming Day

21- Hindi & English recitation competition
22- Club activities
23- Dussehra Celebration
24- Rangoli, Diya Thali Decoration competition
25- Run for Unity Rolex Explorer Replica
26- Save Himalaya (Pledge)
27- Children’s Day celebration & sports Day
28- Sahodaya Inter School group dance completion.
29- Sahodaya Inter-school quiz competition
30- Christmas celebration
31- Basant Utsava, Saraswati Pooja
32- Farewell to Class -12