Senior School

A high school is a school that provides adolescents with part of all of their secondary education.


House System & Club Activity

Co-curricular activities help the child to develop his/her capabilities in a healthy competitive environment through the House and club activities. It helps the student to learn self-discipline, leadership and self-confidence.

a) House System

The School is presently divided into 4 Houses, viz.,

                 Tagore                          Yellow

                 Vivekananda                  Red

                 Raman                          Blue

                 Subhash                       Green

Each House will elect two house captains (boy & girl) and two prefects. To involve the students in the smooth running of the school, each House, in turn, for a week/month is put on duty and is called the " House on Duty" which carry out the following duties:

  • Conducting the morning assembly.
  • Giving morning talk in the assembly.
  • Giving " Thought of the day" and the news in the assembly.
  • Writing " Thought of the day" on the news in the assembly.
  • Duty at the school gate before the morning assembly and to identify the late comers and student not wearing proper school uniform.
  • Looking after the cleanliness of the School.
  • To Conduct PT display.


b) Club Activity

From class III onwards the club activities are conducted.

The various clubs are as follows:

Library and Creative Club: Help to enhance their expression power in various forms.

Eco Club :  Creates awareness and helps to work towards maintaining ecological balance for sustained growth.

Culinary Club : Encouraged to prepare and eat healthy food. Recipes through "Cooking without fire" are encouraged to adopt.

Science Club : To help in enhancing the Scientific skill of the students.