Happy Schooling

“Excellence Everyday through self motivation” is the motto of our school To provide quality education to primary and secondary level with affordable fee structure and improve social values in generation through education to empower youth & women and to set examples for others to follow.

As our school is situated in rural areas the main problem of the people of this area is to converse in English and proper Hindi. To improve their LEARNING & SPEAKING SKILLS we have adopted “EDUCATION THROUGH PRACTICAL AND CREATIVE METHODS” .

Its by creativity only that you turn your new and imaginative ideas into reality.Creativity is in essence the ability of a person to connect the missing codes between existing ideas and develop a solution to the problem in an altogether novel. form which is not only acceptable but has the quality of generating a better use.

Preparatory work/Designing of the Innovations

. Writing Skills – In pre-primary classes to improve their writing skills we have designed special notebooks like :

1. Hindi : special Five lines notebooks
2. Maths : notebooks with special blocks
3. English : special English notebooks

. Reading Skills – To enhance their reading skills special reading sessions were arranged. A regular reading period was give to primary classes daily.

. Overall Development – For the overall development of the child, the school conducts different activities.