A successful leader is one who has a clear vision regarding the future of the school and the children. One who can share ideas and passionate to lead the team and should be very careful about the ethos and nature of the school. Our Principal Mrs. Manjulika Mathur has life the rewarding job from Kendriya Vidhyalaya to start this venture . She has the passion, resilience and courage to take the school forward to new heights.

A successful leader has to be self aware, one who as solid understanding of oneself and required confidence, excellent communication skills, should be resourceful and open to new ideas. He/she has to lead by example. The most important trait to being a successful leader is believing in your students and the power of education. It is vital to believe in what your school is trying to accomplish each and everyday and to convey your enthusiasm for change your own motivation to make things better and your confidence in those around you.